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imagepinkdisney replied to your post: I’m Hussie that was not okay I’m a pretty chill…

I think I know what you’re talking about and I think Hussie is just screwing with everyone. Again. On a horrible and massive scale. BT

Yeah I know and I normally fucking love it when he messes with us

but there is a difference between

"haha, your favorite character is dead"

"haha, your ship will never be canon"

"haha, your interpretation of this thing is wrong"

"haha, you’re never going to get a character that looks like you. All these interesting and engaging characters are going to be Caucasian, blank-canvas aracial children, or literally an alien from another universe, even though I said I was going to try and make the characters aracial."


  1. pinkdisney said: I do wonder what possessed him to do this joke. I didn’t think it was that funny (yet i’m oddly not offended). Man, I wish I could find that post that called the fandoms outrage way back before it started really hitting hard. >8T
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