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Princess Scarface

#i have a dire need okay #a dire need of weiss being a prissy as bitch while beating shit up #getting bloodied up and going #eugh i broke a nail #are you kidding me i just got these done yesterday #excuse you you are messing up my hair
Ya cool. Yar voice is cute. Ya got good opinions of things. And even if sometimes yar wrong, ya wor on becoming better. That's real cool. Keep going, lass.

Thank you. (You sound like Walli!!! Is this you Walli)

Did you know there's an Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san OVA?

No I didn’t! Is it on crunchy roll?

aaaaahhhh you're using my emoji (; ˇ ロˇ )

Cause it’s neat yo

What did dash do?

She had a slur in her URL and would use it often in tags and conversation.

A few people spoke to her about it; she didn’t immediately understand the severity of it or the oppressive nature of it and refused to change it. Neither did I, for a while. But eventually we both did, and no longer use this word.

To call her garbage months after the fact and after she’s already actively changed reeks. This is the ideal situation we’re dealing with— 1) person says/does something shitty. 2) person is informed of shitty behavior and why its shitty 3) person apologizes and never does it again.

I mean???? Full disclosure: I’m …. Mostly cis, I still identify as female, maybe I’m missing something here.

Not that I’m trying to say “dont be mad at dash wehh she apologized so everything is fine now!”

People have every right to be mad if she hurt them by using those words.

But just saying, there have been recent posts claiming she is still doing this thing, when she is not. To bring it up now when she’s not done it since her apology was very confusing.

Sorry if I’ve caused any of you any harm by this.